Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Offices of Left-Wing Journal Raided

It is being reported that officers from the Central Bureau of Investigation Police (CBS) have raided the headquarters of the left-wing anti-clerical journal, 'Fakty i Mity' (Facts and Myths).

According to a statement by the editorial board of 'Fakty i Mity', officers from the CBS entered the journal's offices on the morning of 15 February. They were there for 11 hours and took copies of editorial and accountancy disks, as well as some paper materials. They interrogated members of the editorial team for around 4 hours and arrested the editor Roman Kotliński. 

The editorial board says they had no prior warning or information about this action and they do not know why it occured. They are viewing it as a political attack on the journal that has been openly critical of the PiS government. They hope to publish their next issue according to schedule. 

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