Monday, 29 February 2016

Green Party Provide Left Voice at KOD Demonstration, But Receive a Cool Reception

Once again large pro-democracy demonstrations took place in Poland this weekend, partly in response to the allegations made against Lech Wałęsa recently. For the first time a left voice was clearly heard from the podium, although it did not get a very warm reception from the crowd. Below is a report on this, translated from the website Trybuna

Many participants on Saturday's Committee for the Defense of Democracy (KOD) demonstration did not like to be reminded of the sins of the Third Republic. 

The co-leaders of the Green Party, Małgorzata Tracz and Marek Kossakowski, addressed the KOD demonstration in Warsaw saying: 

The Poland that we built is obviously not a 'Poland in Ruins' (this is what PiS claimed in the elections - GR). But Poland is also not a country of happy people! The 'success' of the transformation was only felt by a small section of society, whilst millions were left in poverty and unemployment. In Warsaw we can have another metro line and we see new trams, buses and highways. However, in many small towns it is common to see just poverty and dilapidated walls. Millions of Poles were turned into a category of the worse sort (...) Something is broken in Poland. People are frustrated, disappointed and angry. This is why so many of them voted for PiS at the last elections. In order to succeed, we must build a democratic community in Poland. (...) There is no democracy without social justice. 

This assessment of the Third Republic and interpretation of why PiS won the elections were given a acool reception by demonstrators. Some of them openly expressed their opposition to the opinions of the Green Party politicians.

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