Thursday, 28 January 2016

Taxpayers Paying for Catholic Teachings

Two recent moves by the government have shown how the Polish state will increase its support for the Catholic Church in Poland, including its most radical elements, and that the Catholic religion will become an increasingly central part of the education system. 

Firstly, a citizens' project to present a bill to parliament, on ending the state funding of religious education in public schools, has been negatively assessed by the government even before its first reading in parliament. This means that around 1bln złoty of taxpayers money will continue to be used to fund religious education in schools. These lessons are generally just the teachings of the Catholic Church. Religious Education lessons are run in 92% of schools in Poland, with just a handful providing religious lessons covering the faith of other religions. 

Secondly, the Parliamentary Financial Commission has passed an ammendment which will grant the private Catholic higher education institution of the controversial Father Tadeusz Rydzyk (College of Social and Media Culture)  20 million złoty in subsidies. The influential radio station of Rydzyk (Radio Maryja) backed PiS in the recent elections, with this decision seemingly rewarding him and his institutions for their support. Written into the ammendment is that the money for these subsidies will be found through cutting funding in other areas, such as for theatres. 

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