Sunday, 24 January 2016

SLD Elect New Leader - New Beginning or The End?

After failing to enter parliament for the first time in its history the Democratic Left Alliance has chosen a new leader to replace Leszek Miller: Włodzimierz Czarzasty. Below I publish two contrasting opinions from inside the SLD (translated from the website Trybuna)
Grzegorz Pietruczuk, Councillor for the  Mazowiecki Regional Assembly and ex-leader of the Federation of Young Social Democrats):
As the SLD we have lost touch with reality. I heard the speach by Włoczimierz Czrzasy today and I did not find anything about the future in Poland, about social democracy, about the changes and what kind of Poland we would like to propose. I heard about the headquarters, premises and funds, which  are completely not of interest to me. 2% support in the opinion polls should make us think, but it does not seem to be happening. This is whyhwy I am not supprised about this election, because the party for years the party has become fosillised inside and does not take into account what is happening outside. The electorate are also aware of this, which accounts for the terrible results in recent years.  
Sebastian Wierzbicki, Deputy leader of the SLD in Warsaw and a member of the National Council of the SLD. 
Today ended the epoch of the SLD under the leadership of Leszek Miller. A new chapter has opened in the activity of hte party. Włodzimierz Czarzasty won with a large majority, gaining 130 more votes than Jerzy Wenderlich.  Moreover he offered his opponent the deputy leadership of the SLD, which he has accepted. vote
The new deputy leader has said that this is the end of the divisions in the SLD and that we must unite in order to resit the right-wing and its ideas. He gave a very good speech, and has ideas for the party and at how the SLD and the left should function and react to the ideas and activity of the SLD. We await the complete leadership team to be proposed by the leader. I hope that it will include many young people and therefore change and make younger the face of the party.
Włodzimierz Czarzasty is a person with a strong character and  without a doubt he is able to lead the SLD and open discussions with all the different parts of the left in order to build a strong alternative to Citizens' Platform and Modern and of course the Law and Justice Party.  

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