Saturday, 2 January 2016

Petition Against Proposed New Internet Laws

The PiS government has proposed a new Internet Law that will allow the authorities to freely monitor online activity. A petition has been launched against this, that in its first day has already been signed by nearly 7,000 people. An English  language version of this petition is published below. For the Polish version see here. 

The Authorities Wish to Scrutinise Our Lives and Computers

For the fourth time, during the middle of winter, the government is trying to take the Internet under its control. It was the same in 2010, in 2011 with RSUiN and also in 2012 with ACTA.... 

PiS and its allies want so the police and other secret services can monitor everything that we do on the Internet. They would like it that every police officer or secret service agent can at any moment go on to our account or look inside our computers, tablets or smartphones. They want to know which sites we visit and what we download. Without any restrictions.   

According to the new law a police-officer or secret agent will not need  the agreement of the prosecutor's office nor court, in order to check our online activity.  They will be able to freely obtain 'information on the scope of every usage of services provided by electronic means.' This means that the only thing restricting a police-officer will be his or her own whim. Internet operators will be obliged to pass on data whenever it is demanded and they themselves will have to cover the costs of this.

According to experts a wider interpretation of this bill could allow the authorities to legally install 'trojans' on our hard drives!

This is an attack on freedom and a betrayal of millions of Internet users, including those who supported and were engaged in helping the ruling party get into office. This party is currently violating their privacy and scrutinising their morals and opinions. It wants to know what everyone writes about them and to whom they are writing. In other words, it wants us to stop discussing with each other about everything apart from the weather!

However, the authorities are the authorities and money is money. Primarily, the new government wants to operate hand in hand with large coorporations, which lobby for a great purge of our computers. For a long time corporations have wanted to track our alleged 'stealing of content'. And now the police will be able to help in this without being restricted by the law, whilst being able to boast about their increased efficiency in fighting 'crime'...

We urge all - from the right, left and centre - to defend freedom and people's private lives against the lust for power and greed!

Agata Czarnacka, publicist

Władysław Majewski, publicist, member of the Internet Society Polska

Tomasz Piątek, writer and publicist

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