Thursday, 7 January 2016

Kaczyński and Orban Discuss Strategy.

The headline news around the meeting between Jarosław Kaczyński and Viktor Orban, in Poland yesterday, has been that Orban did not meet either with the President or Prime Minister of Poland but with  the leader of the Law and Justice Party (PiS). This has helped to confirm suspiscions that the real power in Poland rests in the hands of Kaczyński and not with President Duda nor PM Szydło. 

Secondly, many in the media have suggested that the two leaders discussed how to reform the state and public institutions such as the media, with Orban passing on his experience from Hungary. However, PiS seem to be progressing with their reforms without the advice of their Hungarian collegues and the situation is very different in Poland as they do not possess a two-thirds majority to change the constitution as Orban's party has had in Hungary. 

Rather, as suggested on the Hungarian Spectrum website, it is likely that the two leaders were discussing regional and European issues that affect the two countries. These could include: 

Refugees: Both parties have adopted a hostile attitude to taking in refugees. However, the PiS government has unexpectedly agreed to accept the 4,500 quota agreed by the previous government with the EU. Although this will be spread out over two years, accepting only 150 at a time, it partly breaks from the consensus sought by Orban in the visegrad4 countries.

Russia: Kaczyński and Orban had previously disagreed on relations towards Russia, with the former criticising Orban for having a too friendly attitude towards Russia. 

Cameron's Proposals: It is likely also that they discussed the attitude towards the UK's proposal to curb EU migrants' right to claim social welfare benefits. Whilst it would be expected that the two countries would adopt a hostile attitude towards the UK proposal, recently the Polish Foreign Minister has suggested that Poland would be willing to accept such a policy if London would support the proposal to station permanent NATO bases in Poland. 

However, there has been no official confirmation of what Kaczyński and Orban talked about during their six hour meeting. It is to be seen to what extent the alliance betweent the conservative-right administrations in Hungary and Poland will be strengthened and in what direction this will lead. 

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  1. Kaczynski is a very weird guy and it seems there is a reasonable explanation for that – fragile X syndrome.


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