Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Ikonowicz Taken to Court in Handcuffs

The leader of the Office for Social Justice (KSS), and well known left-wing activist and former MP, Piotr Ikonowicz, has been taken to court in handcuffs to face charges of insulting Prof. Chazan, the Director of a hospital in Warsaw. Apparently, Ikonowicz had failed to show up to the previous case in court as he was taking part in blocking someone being evicted from their home. However, quite why he was brought to court by the police in handcuffs is unclear as he had neither resisted arrest nor been aggressive. 

Prof. Chazan had refused an abortion in the hospital to a woman whose child was subsequently born with severe birth defects. Ikonowicz criticised Chazan in a text, writing: 

Bogdan Chazan is a man without a conscience. Does his religion tells him to hurt people? In pursuing his own sadistic tendencies he finds refuge in God. The hospital and taxpayers will pay the cost, not Chazan (...) However, the worst thing is that this degenerate dons the clothes of the defender of morality. The terrible ancient rulers were able to show mercy to their their enemies in a quick and painless death. However, such a mercy was not given to this unfortunate creature, which Chazan ruled a woman must risk life and limb to give birth to. This is what happens when the ordinary human compassion of love thy neighbour is replaced by fanaticism. When the religious lunatics get a piece of power. At the end of the day the hospital is public and we maintain it, as we do Chazan himself. And in such a public place human rights operate, not God. 

 Poland currently has one of the most restrictive abortion laws in parliament and the current PiS government plans to tighten them even further, possibly outlawing abortion even in cases when a pregnancy is the result of rape or when the health of a woman is at risk. 

The case is currently ongoing..

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