Saturday, 19 December 2015

Far-Right Nationalists in the Polish Parliament.

One mistake often made by observers of Polish politics is to describe the ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS) as being a far-right nationalist party, similar for example to Le Pen's National Front in France. Although, PiS often use nationalist rhetoric, they are rather a right-wing conservative party. However, in the Polish parliament there are now a number of openly far-right wing nationalists who were elected on the Kukiz'15 slate.

There are 9 MPs connected to National Movement, including its President Robert Winnicki. During the election campaign, those candidates from Kukiz'15 wishing to have the public support of the National Movement had to sign a 'nationalist declaration' - which included the clause that candidates should support the 'tightening of the prsent immigration policy and maintaining the ethnic cohesion of the nation'...'support for the defence of every innocent human life from the moment of conception' and the 'militarisation of the nation' through 'the construction of shooting ranges' and the 'universal access to arms'.  51 nationalists stood on the Kukiz slate, with 9 of them having first place on the electoral list.

There presently seems to be some moves towards the nationalists dividing from Kukiz'15 and forming their own separate parliamentary group. This could be made up of 18 MPs from the National Movement and other far-right MPs connected to Kukiz'15.

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