Tuesday, 23 April 2013

White doesn’t always mean privileged: why Femen's Ukrainian context matters

An extremely interesting article has been written by Agata Pyzik in the New Statesman on the controversy surrounding the Ukrainian feminist movement Femen. It places divisions within the feminist movement in Europe, including controversies surrounding Muslim women in France, in the context of the uneven development between Eastern and Western Europe. It is well worth reading:

Despite both the influence of the West over the impoverished ex-Soviet Bloc, and its westernisation after 1989, eastern Europe often seems worlds apart from its richer counterpart.
That's an important context to remember when considering the Ukrainian feminist collective Femen. They come from a country with an extreme and enormous sex industry, widespread abuse of women, and also "third world" levels of poverty. Femen's performances often take place in eastern European countries known for their lack of respect for hugly demonstrating in the west, stopping various international summits and ceremonial affairs.
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