Wednesday, 27 March 2013

General Strike in Śląsk

Trade Unions successfully organised  4 hour general strike in the region of Śląsk on Tuesday. Around 100,000 workers took  part in the strike, which affected amongst others the public transport system, the railways, mines, steel works, hospitals and schools. 

The trade unions were protesting against the economic policies of the government and raised a number of demands. These included: halting the closure of schools, providing tax relief for companies that retain their employees; recompensing companies that are affected by regulations to cut carbon emissions and reducing the amount of workers employed on temporary insecure contracts (so called junk contracts). 

It is noticeable how these demands extend beyond the specific concerns of the trade unions and appeal to the frustrations of society at large. It has been reported that these strikes received a positive reception from the wider population in the region.

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