Thursday, 10 January 2013

General Strike in Silesia?

“The four biggest trade unions operating in Silesia - Solidarnosc, OPZZ, FZZ and ‘August 80’ - have set up a protest and strike committee. This means the beginning of the preparation of a general strike. If the trade unionists are unable to come to an agreement with the government, the protest could take place in February. (…) "Our goal is to obtain a change in the government’s socio-economic policy and if we cannot – a change of government"- said the leader of ‘August 80 ‘, Boguslaw Zietek, during the press conference.
"We do not go on strike for the sake of it. If over three to four months we come to an agreement with the government and if that leads to a change in the socio-economic policy, then of course there will be no strike"- said the leader of Solidarnosc in Silesia, Dominik Vijay.” 
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