Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Breivik Style Attack Foiled in Poland

 A man has been arrested by the the Polish Internal Security Agency for planning a terrorist attack on the Polish parliament.

The man, who is a lecturer at the University of Agriculture in Kraków, was planning an attack on the Polish parliament during a debate on the budget when the President, Prime Minister and senior members of the cabinet would have been present. He had already collected the materials needed for the attack, including four tonnes of explosives that he intended to be detonated in a car parked in the parliament carpark.

The accused man explained that his motive was the poor socio-economic situation in the country and that Poland is governed by 'outsiders' and not by 'real Poles'. He hoped that the attack would instigate a process of change in the country. Although it seems that he was not directly connected to any political organisation, the Prosecution has described his actions as being motivated by 'nationalist, anti-Semitic and xenephobic opinions'.

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