Thursday, 26 January 2012

Young Poles Outraged by ACTA

Yesterday the Polish government signed the ACTA in Tokyo. On the same day protests spread around Poland to a number of cities, with around 10,000 alone demonstrating in Kraków and thousands expressing their anger outside the Citizens' Platform offices in Poznań.

Below I reproduce an article by the Green Party activist Adam Ostolski on the recent mobilisations in Poland against ACTA

2011 was a year of discontent throughout the world, but apparently not in Poland. Poland's political class was spared the challenge of massive protests that blossomed in many places, from Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions, through the Indignados of Spain, to the US Occupy movement. There is much to be angry about, to be sure. Life in Poland is getting harder, the privatisation-by-stealth of health service and education is going on, schools and kindergartens are being closed down, which makes it especially difficult for young parents, there's no affordable housing, the prices of municipal services and staple foods are rising (both at least partly due to recent changes in tax rates). Poland is now the leading country in Europe in terms of non-permanent job contracts (having outrun Spain), and the vision of having a decent retirement in the future is becoming increasingly remote. Read more

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