Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Just when you thought it couldn't get worse......

The Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) seems determined to rub salt into its self-inflicted wounds.

It may have been hoped that the SLD would have learnt some lesson after suffering its worst ever election defeat. At the least it may have been expected that it would have sought to change its current political course and attempted to begin the process of opening itself up to other currents on the left.

It was in this spirit that 7 SLD MEPs wrote to the SLD's national MPs urging them to vote for a leader of its parliamentary group that would begin this process. It was pretty obvious what this meant: vote for Ryszard Kalisz instead of Leszek Miller.

Although the political programme of Kalisz may not be radically different from what had come before, many believed he would begin a process of instigating internal changes within the SLD that would allow it to rebuild some support amongst the left in Poland.

But the SLD MPs decided that the best way forward was to re-elect Leszek Miller. Miller represents more of the same and will only dispirit those with any hope that the SLD could reform itself (see here, here and here for previous articles concerning Miller.) It will also allow Miller to consolidate his position before the run up to new leadership elections scheduled to take place in January next year.

Oh and Napieralski has still not resigned as leader (sigh).

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