Thursday, 13 October 2011

15th October Agreement

The '15th October Agreement' movement has called its first action in Warsaw tomorrow, which will start at 12pm outside of the gates of Warsaw University.

This is how they describe themselves and their activities:

The October Fifteen Agreement was established at the initiative of several young people above all students of Wielokulturowe Liceum Humanistyczne im. Jacka Kuronia.

The Agreement is thought to became a platform for joint action, above all to show our solidarity with Ruch Oburzonych w Hiszpanii, as well as to submit similar demand to Polish authorities.

Form of cooperation which we propose is (after Spanish movement) quite loose coalition platform of groups which are combined as the opposition and with general direction of their criticism. Basic requirement is that (again after Spanish movement) we strive to avoid physical violence as a form of protest.

The Agreement is not responsible for the content and views voiced by organizations which are going to join The Agreement. ‘Some are progressive, others more conservative. Some are religious, others not. Some are politically defined, others – apolitical.’ – so it was in Spain and we want it to be in Poland. Our solidarity with May 15. and that we are outraged are what is going to unite us.

We are as an initiative group open for your propositions and cooperation. Beyond the direct action we will also be grateful for any additional help with spreading the information (posters, leaflets, printing houses, news channels) and also with theoretical background (arranging meetings, discussions, film screenings) around October 15

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