Thursday, 11 August 2011

Finish Wages, For Polish Workers

A lot has been said recently about the effect of workers from Poland and other Central Eastern European countries entering the labour markets of Western Europe.

The far-right have targetted them as scapegoats and the government have Holland has proposed that those that are unemployed be expelled from the country. Depressingly, some within the trade union movement and on the left have jumped on this bandwagon and blamed Polish immigrants for their lack of jobs or poor working conditions. This was encompassed in the UK through the slogan "British Jobs For British Workers".

It is therefore heartening to see that trade unionists in Finland have taken another approach. The Finish Construction Workers Union has called for a boycott of a German firm that pays its Polish workers less than that allowed in Finish law (the minimum wage in Finland is 65 euro an hour.) The boycott means that members of the trade union will refuse to work for any company that pays workers less than the minimum wage.


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