Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Terrorism Against the Norweigan Left

As in other countries, many commentators in the Polish media were quick to point their fingers at supposed Islamic terrorists for the attrocious attacks carried out in Norway this weekend.

In contrast, in an interiew carried out today, MichaƂ Syska, from the left-wing think tank 'The Ferdinand Lassalle Centre for Social Thought', gave his views on recent events. Below I translate some of the extracts from this interview:

In Norway the darkest nightmares of the Polish extreme right are coming true. A red-red-green coalition is in government - the Labour Party with the Socialist Left Party and the Agrarian Centre Party. The government has a clear left programme, which includes the aim of integrating immigrants into Norweigan society. Research from 2009 shows that the majority of Norweigans are highly supportive of the Labour Party's policies and that it is seen as the most competent party in terms of its immigration policy.

The Interviewer asked Syska whether he thought the actions of Anders Breivik are similar to the phraseology popular amongst the Polish right, such as using the offensive term 'Komuch' against people from the left

The Communist Party was never strong in Norway. From the end of the 19th Century the largest political party in Norway has been the Labour Party, which for years dominated, competing for power with the centre-right.

Scandanavian society is strongly connected to the Welfare State. The right-wing are however highly popular because they say that 'we also want the Welfare State, but we want to reform it' - read: demolish it

The most right-wing party in Norway is the populist Progress Party. This was formed in the 1970s as a right-wing party against the Welfare State, the bureaucracy and high taxes. Before long it had incorporated anti-immigrant themes. For example during the recent elections the party produced a poster showing an Arab immigrant aiming a revolver.

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