Friday, 8 July 2011

Hungarian workfare - a new army of slave labour

Below I reproduce an interesting article published on the Labour Representation Committee blog:

The Hungarian government has announced a new Hungarian Work Plan aimed at increasing the low employment rate in Hungary. As a post-communist country, subjected to Shock Therapy in the 1990s, some areas of Hungary have suffered unemployment rates over 40% continually over the last 20 years.

The package reduces employers’ payroll taxes and aims to replace welfare projects with public works projects. The government is attacking the rights of all employees and restoring a neo-feudal system whereby the current minimal levels of workplace of protection will be further reduced.

After 90 days of unemployment insurance, all welfare payment will be stopped to claimants. They will then need to enroll in public works programmes; and be assigned work such as cleaning sewers, building dams or stadiums. This will be done under police supervision. It is said that the conscripts will work only half-time, for less money than the minimum wage. If the work is more than six hours from the conscript’s residence, they will be given a trailer to sleep in, near the site.

These plans may represent the ultimate logic of the current capitalist trends across Europe - labour camps, guarded by the police; with the apparent blessing of the incompetents and scoundrels currently in charge of the European Union.

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