Monday, 11 April 2011

JSW Miners Vote for Strike Action

Miners from Jastrzębskiej Spółce Węglowej (JSW) - the largest coke producing coal company in the EU - have overwhelmingly voted for strike action in a referendum held on 7-8 April.

Over 78% of all the miners took part in the referendum, with more than 95% supporting strike action. The miners are both arguing for a 10% pay-rise and are opposing the proposed privatisation of the company. As I noted in a previous post the sale of JSW is part of the Treasury's current privatisation drive in Poland.

JSW encompasses 6 different mines, employing over 22,600 miners. The mines made a profit of more than 1bn zł last year. The spokesperson for the trade-union at JSW stated: 'Privatisation makes no sense. The state treasury gains large revenue from us through taxes. If the company is privatised then these revenues will decline as the profits can be hidden in different kinds of costs'

The miners at all of JSW's mines will hold a 24-hour strike on 18 April.

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