Tuesday, 11 January 2011

PO and the Hypocrisy of Racism

Leading Citizens' Platform MP - Jarosław Gowin - claimed in an interview this weekend that he believes "a section of the electorate vote for us as the 'last hope for white people' - or rather for white-collar workers. Our base - young, well educated, entrepreneurial - could turn against us if we do not reform public finances, the health service and pensions.'

The use of such language by one of the leaders of a party that claims to be liberal and representing the young and educated is breathtaking. Despite his attempts at humour it reveals an ingrained feeling of superiority amongst some politicians from PO that can be expressed in terms of racism.

Unfortunately these utterances by Gowin have so far largely been unchallenged by the mainstream media. This is in stark contrast to its willingness - usually justified - to quickly condemn discriminatory language used by politicians from parties such as PiS.

Gowin is from the conservative wing of PO and he combines a strong support for neo-liberal economics with conservative social and cultural policies. His increasing rise to prominence in PO is a cause for concern


  1. Perhaps the lack of public outrage is due to a "respectable" aspect of Gowin's statement? In this case, racist figure is a form to express class hatred (or, to be precise, class scorn). It this classist aspect of Gowin's speech that "justifies" the whole thing with the liberal media, I guess.

  2. Exactly, he is using such racist language to justify actions that would increase the wealth of an advantaged group in society. It makes these people feel even better about themselves and their privillege. Govin really is Thatcherite in the true meaning of the word.


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