Friday, 10 December 2010

The Words of a Liberal?

PO's attempt to present themselves as the progressive liberal alternative to the conservativism of PiS has always been dubious. This has particularly been the case when it comes to President Bronisław Komorowski. His 'aristorcratic' background, activity within the conservative wing of the opposition movement during Communism and his declared love of hunting do not identify him as being your typical 'progressive liberal'. These are somewhat offset by his membership of the Democratic Union and Freedom Union in the early 1990s. However, Bronek's liberalism was always more economic than cultural or social.

Old habits die hard, and in a press conference this week with Barak Obama - during his visit to the United States - Komorowski revealled his conservative and outdated opinions when he said:
' If we have to go on a large hunt away from our home, then first we should ensure that our home, our women (sic) and our children are safe. Then we can hunt better.'

Using analogies of hunting and sport when referring essentially to wars in which 100s of thousands of lives have been lost is distasteful in the extreme. Furthermore, his out of date paternalist attitude of protecting 'our women' shows how Komorowski remains a relic of another time. His election slogan was 'we are building Poland'. But what Poland? One where the women tend to the home while the brave men go out to hunt.

During his visit to the USA, Komorowski heaped praise upon the USA - as the beacon of democracy and freedom. All this in the week of the wikileaks revelations and scandals. A progressive indeed.

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  1. Gav, don’t forget his election adds – the most abusive towards women in the whole campaign I believe. That’s exactly what they showed. Women prepare supper at home for their family and men have to behave themselves, otherwise they wouldn’t be given any food (with a little wink of course)!


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