Thursday, 16 December 2010

Kapuściński's Biographer Wins Polish Journalist of the Year

The surprise winner of the 2010 Polish journalist of the year is Artur Domosławski. He won the prize for his excellent biography on Ryszard Kapuściński. This book was particularly significant for the way it not only portrayed the life and work of a great writer and intellectual but also how it objectively and critically analysed the communist system from a modern progressive left-wing standpoint.

Domosławski has also come to be known as a prolific journalist writing about international affairs - particularly events in Latin America. If I was to have one gripe it would be that he writes very little about what is occurring in contemporary Poland. Perhaps in this sense he is similar to his mentor Kapuściński and it is a sign of how in modern Polish society it is still sometimes easier to write critically and progressively in the mainstream press about things happening in other countries.

You can find the review I wrote about Domosławski's 'Kapuściński - Non Fiction' here.

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